Choosing a Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer may be very important to your freedom and may affect you for the rest of your life!

If you needed brain surgery, you surely would not choose your doctor by looking in the Yellow Pages.  Yet, many people try to locate lawyers in exactly this way.  You might just as well roll the dice or draw straws.  You should never hire a lawyer without knowing the reputation of the lawyer in the community.  Law is very complex and all lawyers are not created equal. 

Some factors which may influence your choice: (1) how long has the lawyer been admitted to practice law in the jurisdiction; (2) did he/she attend an accredited law school and is the law school ranked among the top law schools; (3) does the attorney have extensive trial experience; (4) does the attorney have some experience in appeals;  (5) does the attorney have a reputation for fighting for his/her clients; (6) does the lawyer have a reputation for winning; (7) is the attorney knowledgeable on the subject of search and seizure; (8) has the attorney been in the county for long enough to have become familiar with the prosecutors and the judges; (9) do the prosecutors and judges respect the attorney; (10) does the attorney have experience both as a prosecutor and a defense lawyer; (11) does the lawyer explain to you in understandable terms how it is that he/she approaches cases; and (12) are you comfortable in talking to the attorney.  In my honest opinion, each of the above is relevant in making an intelligent choice of counsel.  Do not hesitate to ask for references.

It is impossible for an attorney to promise specific results although it is my understanding that some lawyers are doing this.  There are too many factors which are not under the control of the attorney to make such a promise..  Be extremely wary of any attorney who states that he/she will give you a guarantee of success.

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